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01. Jan 2012

"Alex Halliday would agree. He is chief executive of SocialGO, which has 40,000 sites on their platform.

"It's a great way of encouraging people to have a deeper engagement with the business... [and] an interesting way of leveraging your fans to effectively increase the network of people you have access to in your business."

But it's not as simple as just building it and expecting your community to come, says Mr Halliday.

"They've got have an objective. What is the purpose of the community? Is it to increase awareness of the brand, is it to help retain customers, build loyalty around the brand?"

He suggests having an early group of users who can help build the community, as well as ensuring someone is responsible for maintaining it.

"These things do take a lot of effort to get them to be really successful. But once they get up and running they can be amazingly beneficial for companies."

  SocialGO’s Royal Encounter

19. July 2011

SocialGO Co-Founder Dominic Wheatley recently spoke at Variety’s Venture Capital & New Media Summit - a conference exploring how the investment community is driving technology innovation.

Our Dom was lucky enough to rub shoulders with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were also attending the event. The rest of the SocialGO team were a bit too busy to attend, but were appropriately jealous and were ensured that Dom spoke very well indeed.

See below for some pictures.

The BBC Interviews Alex Halliday

15. June 2011

SocialGO had a visit from the BBC today, who were filming SocialGO CEO, Alex Halliday, for their 'Show Me The Money' programme. Episodes are broadcast regularly on the BBC News Channel.

SocialGO On FOX News

28. January 2011

FOX News’ resident Social Surfer, Samantha Badger aka SamOnCam has done a feature on SocialGO for FOX news. The media has cottoned on to the fantastic opportunites SocialGO provides savvy internet users, regardless of how experienced they are. “Whether you have a playgroup with your kids’ friends or a business with a growing number of clients, creating a personal social networking site can be a great way to communicate with your group members or customers!”

Click here to see the video

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SocialGO Helps UK Government Launch Major Policy Initiative

8. November 2010

SocialGO Co-Founders Steve Hardman and Alex Halliday recently played key roles in the launch of the British Government’s major new initiative, the East London Tech City.

Steve Hardman gave a speech on the challenges facing software startups in the United Kingdom.  The audience of 300 people included the British Prime Minister, London Mayor, investors, entrepreneurs and the media.


Above: SocialGO Co-founder Steve Hardman speaking at the launch of the East London Tech City

Immediately following Steve Hardman’s speech the Prime Minister, David Cameron, took to the stage to announce the Governments major new initiative, the East London Tech City, which is intended to encourage the development of a local software industry to rival Silicon Valley.


Above: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking at the launch of the East London Tech City

Following the speeches,  Alex Halliday spoke to the national media about the type of initiatives the British Government could implement to fast track the development of a local software industry.

Click here to watch Alex Halliday’s interview on CNN.

SocialGO - A Part of East London’s Media Revolution

30. November 2010

This article from the Economist website explains the UK government’s hopes for the emerging digitial media startups in the East end of London.

“The entrepreneurs in Silicon Roundabout stress the unique draw of the east of the city, with its bohemianism and relatively cheap rents, for young, creative workers. “If we were in west London, we would be a completely different type of business,” says Steve Hardman, the co-founder of SocialGO, which helps clients build their own online communities.

The spontaneous rise of Silicon Roundabout might have persuaded the government to leave well alone. Instead, David Cameron recently unveiled a plan to support it. As well as tinkering with the legal framework in which such businesses operate—by creating updated “entrepreneur visas” to bypass ill-judged new immigration restrictions, for example—the government has persuaded technology titans such as Google and Cisco to invest.”

Read the full article here

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